Join the pipe finds media partner in AT5

Join the Pipe has joined forces with the Amsterdam based television network AT5. To celibrate the 10 year anniversary of their mothercompany WebRegioMedia, AT5 will support Join the Pipe by financing a waterwell in the Dasmina area in Bangladesh and by promoting their bottles in the tv-programs.

Join the Pipe in AT5 news show


By Arnold


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The video is part of a larger Goodby campaign for AIDES with the tagline “Protect yourself” that includes comic strips, Web sites, print and outdoor. I see a rising star here in Smutley, who, the video reminds us, has nine lives to our one, so he can afford to throw caution to the wind.

By Valtteri

Tablets Are Just Fad

It will be interesting to see how the tablets will develop in the coming years and how people will welcome them to the markets. This time around, they’re no more functional than a good smartphone­, but too big to fit in your pocket.  They’re less functional than a netbook or a laptop, but not so much smaller that they’re really any easier to carry around.

Microsoft Exec: Tablets Are Just Fad.

By Valtteri

The end of the End of History

While it’s interesting to follow what Fukuyama writes, he has a tendency to express whatever the current consensus is quite well but without much real critical ability. China is growing.

The End of the End of History.

By Valtteri

Nokia + Microsoft

It will be truly interesting to see how the phone wars will develop in the coming years and who will take the position to actually challenge apple. I’m eager to see how the collaboration between Nokia and Microsoft will turn out.

Nokia + Microsoft = A challenge for Apple.

By Valtteri

The Asymmetrical Online War

John Perry Barlow has rather strong views on this. He has said that nations have no authority over the Internet and has compared hackers to “electronic Hezbollah” - in a favorable way. Apparently he also used his Twitter account to praise Anonymous, which attacked several large U.S. companies. When he says “One very smart person can take on an entire nation state,” it’s probably worth asking whether he actually favors this …

The Asymmetrical Online War.

By Valtteri

Welcome to the Future of Advertising

We know that traditional methods haven’t flatlined, but they can’t exist on their own anymore. Brands can’t demand attention simply by buying the biggest billboard or putting an ad into the best magazines. There has to be more than that.

Welcome to the Future of Advertising.

By Valtteri

On Twitter

A billion tweets a week…half a million new tweeters a day. I’m sure the tweet phenomenon is grist for the sociologists mill, but I just have to ask…is this progress for humankind?

On Twitter, ‘What a Party!’ Brings an Envious ‘Enough, Already!

By Valtteri

48 hours in Amsterdam

This article gives an insight of all the things you can do in Amsterdam if you spent here 48 hours.

48 hours in Amsterdam.

By Valtteri